Chinese Title 四叶妹妹
Japanese Title よつばと!
English Title Yotsuba&!
Character Set Traditional (a few, scattered chapters are in Simplified)
Genre Comedic Slice-of-Life
Series Info!
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Level Very Easy. [somebody care to throw in an HSK estimate?] Except when 四叶 is excited, the writing is in a more child-like font, which is harder to read.
Summary Yotsuba (四叶) is a rambunctious five-year-old who lives with her father. Together they explore their new neighborhood and frequently bumble their way into awkward situations.
Page Counts

Volume 1: 230

Volume 2: ?

Volume 3: ?

Volume 4: ?

Volume 5: ?


CBZ File (will be available by September 15th)
Word List N/A
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