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How to read Japanese-style comics

Welcome to the Grand Comic Reading Project

  • What is it? Basically, we read several chapters of a chosen comic in Chinese, then discuss it.
  • Why? Comics are an ideal medium for learners who want reading practice but do not yet have the ability to easily consume prose works. Plus, sequential art is just plain fun.
  • How? We provide links to online comics portals, so you can view the comics in your browser. We will also provide downloads so you can view the comic offline.
  • Hard? Probably. Chinese comics found online are not written for learners, and many are not even written for children. However you will find that reading a comic is much, much easier than reading a typical novel.
  • When? About once a month.
  • Where? Check out the schedule. It contains links to the comics as well as our discussions.
  • Simplified or Traditional? We want to accommodate learners of both character sets, so selections will alternate between simplified and traditional characters.
  • What now? Choose a comic that interests you, or perhaps just the most current one, and read it. Tell us what you thought, and post questions if you have them.
  • How do I help? Get involved. You can make vocab lists, discuss plot details, and suggest comics we should include.
  • Why does this comic make no sense even though I know all the words? You might be reading the panels in the wrong order. In Japanese-style comics, panels are read from right to left (see image to the right).

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