打攪 打搅 dǎjiǎo to disturb / to trouble 5
寂寞 寂寞 jìmò lonely / lonesome / quiet / silent 21
淅瀝 淅沥 xīlì onomat. patter of rain 24
奢侈 奢侈 shēchǐ luxurious / extravagant / wasteful 28
綻放 绽放 zhànfàng to blossom 29
逢場作戲 逢场作戏 féngchǎngzuòxì lit. find a stage, put on a comedy (idiom); to join in the fun / to play along according to local conditions 39
輾轉 辗转 zhǎnzhuǎn to toss about in bed / to pass through many hands or places / also written 展轉|展转[zhan3 zhuan3] 56
掙扎 挣扎 zhēngzhá to struggle / struggling 56
重逢 重逢 chóngféng to meet again / to be reunited / reunion 57
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