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:Otoyomegatari cover.jpg|thumb|200px|right]]
[[File:Otoyomegatari cover.jpg|right|Cover of Volume 1]]
[[File:Otoyomegatari cover.jpg|right|Cover of Volume 1]]

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Otoyomegatari cover.jpg|thumb|200px|right]]
Otoyomegatari cover


Chinese Title 少女新娘物语
Japanese Title 乙嫁語り
English Title The Bride's Stories
Character Set Simplified (except for chapters 7 and 8, which are in Traditional)
Genre Historical Fiction
Series Info
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Lower Intermediate. [Somebody care to throw in an HSK estimate?]

Legibility Good, but the characters are sometimes spaced two closely together
Summary Newlywed couple Amira and Karluk begin their new life together along the Silk Road of the 19th century.
Page Counts 12 chapters, averaging 33 pages per chapter (this is an ongoing series)
CBZ File N/A
Word List N/A
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