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Chinese Title 桃邦
English Title Tao Bang
Character Set Simplified
Country of Origin France
Year of First Publication 1999
Genre Pirate Adventure Fantasy
Series Info (French)
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Difficulty Hard. However, as the swashbuckling gets underway, the amount of dialogue decreases and the second chapter really isn't that hard. Expect a lot of nautical terms.

Very good, except for when many-stroke characters like 麒麟 appear.

Also, during the storytelling sequences, they use a handwriting-style font. Fortunately, the storytelling sequences are short and infrequent.

Summary Three hapless adventurers set sail for the legendary Mermaid Isle. Little do they know they are being pursued by the merciless Tao Bang, Flower of the Raging Sea!
Page Counts

Chapter 1: 45

Chapter 2: 43

Only 2 chapters are available online.

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