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Volume 1[edit | edit source]

cáo Surname
cáo trough / manger / groove / channel
唯恐 唯恐 wéikǒng for fear that / lest / also written 惟恐
吃掉 吃掉 chīdiào NEED DEFINITION
to avoid / to shun / to flee / to escape / to keep away from / to leave / to hide from
終歸 终归 zhōngguī NEED DEFINITION
沉溺 沉溺 chénnì to indulge in / to wallow / absorbed in / deeply engrossed / addicted
篤信 笃信 dǔxìn to believe firmly / devout in one's faith
fēng insane / mad / wild
lining / interior / inside / internal / also written 裡|里 [li3]
biàn to change / to become different / to transform / to vary / rebellion
超乎 超乎 chāohū NEED DEFINITION
命運 命运 mìngyùn fate / destiny / CL:個|个[ge4]
預言 预言 yùyán to predict / prophecy
真實 真实 zhēnshí true / real
有趣 有趣 yǒuqù interesting / fascinating / amusing
大殿 大殿 dàdiàn main hall of a Buddhist temple
怪物 怪物 guàiwu5 monster / freak / eccentric person
逃命 逃命 táomìng to escape / to flee / to run for one's life
quàn to advise / to urge / to try to persuade / exhort
逃避 逃避 táobì to escape / to evade / to avoid / to shirk
欺負 欺负 qīfu5 to bully
應該 应该 yīnggāi ought to / should / must
jìn to use up / to exhaust / to end / to finish / to the utmost / exhausted / finished / to the limit (of sth)
註定 注定 zhùdìng be doomed / be destined (to failure etc)
皇帝 皇帝 huángdì emperor / CL:個|个[ge4]
跪拜 跪拜 guìbài to kowtow / to kneel and worship
終於 终于 zhōngyú at last / in the end / finally / eventually
準備 准备 zhǔnbèi preparation / to prepare / to intend / to be about to
機會 机会 jīhuì opportunity / chance / occasion / CL:個|个[ge4]
遵守 遵守 zūnshǒu to comply with / to abide by / to respect (an agreement)
huà to draw / picture / painting / CL:幅[fu2],張|张[zhang1]
終結 终结 zhōngjié end
紛紜 纷纭 fēnyún diverse and muddled / many and confused
鳳凰 凤凰 Fènghuáng Fenghuang county in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州[Xiang1 xi1 Tu3 jia1 zu2 Miao2 zu2 zi4 zhi4 zhou1]
討論 讨论 tǎolùn to discuss / to talk over / CL:個|个[ge4]
陳腔濫調 陈腔滥调 Chénqiānglàndiào NEED DEFINITION
建樹 建树 jiànshù to make a contribution / to establish / to found / contribution
廢話 废话 fèihuà nonsense / rubbish / superfluous words / You don't say! / No kidding! (gently sarcastic)
膽子 胆子 dǎnzi5 courage / nerve / guts
秦朝 秦朝 Qíncháo Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC)
一了百了 一了百了 yīle5bǎile5 NEED DEFINITION
shāng to injure / injury / wound
腦筋 脑筋 nǎojīn brains / mind / head / way of thinking
làn soft / mushy / well-cooked and soft / to rot / to decompose / rotten / worn out / chaotic / messy / utterly / thoroughly
董卓 董卓 DǒngZhuó Dong Zhuo (-192), top general of late Han, usurped power in 189, murdered empress dowager and child emperor, killed in 192 by Lü Bu 呂布|吕布
智囊 智囊 zhìnáng NEED DEFINITION
招攬 招揽 zhāolǎn to attract (customers) / to drum up (trade)
諸侯 诸侯 zhūhóu feudal vassal / feudal princes, esp. the monarchs (dukes or princes) of the several vassal states 諸侯國|诸侯国 of Zhou during Western Zhou and Spring and Autumn periods 11th-5th century BC / subordinate warlord / local official
選擇 选择 xuǎnzé to select / to pick / choice / option / alternative
良策 良策 liángcè good plan / good idea
滅亡 灭亡 mièwáng to be destroyed / to become extinct / to perish / to die out / to destroy / to exterminate
野心 野心 yěxīn ambition / wild schemes / careerism
搶掠 抢掠 qiǎnglu:è to loot / looting
眾矢之的 众矢之的 zhòngshǐzhīdì lit. target of a multitude of arrows (idiom); the butt of public criticism / attacked on all sides
軍閥 军阀 jūnfá military clique / junta / warlord
難以 难以 nányǐ hard to (predict, imagine etc)
婉拒 婉拒 wǎnjù to tactfully decline / to turn down gracefully
顧忌 顾忌 gùjì scruple
萬全 万全 Wànquán Wanquan county in Zhangjiakou 張家口|张家口[Zhang1 jia1 kou3], Hebei
zhēng to request / to impose (taxes) / to levy (troops) / to draft (for military service) / phenomenon / symptom / characteristic sign (used as proof) / evidence
軍費 军费 jūnfèi military expenditure
認同 认同 rèntóng identify / approve / acknowledge
懶鬼 懒鬼 lǎnguǐ lazybones / idle bum
睡覺 睡觉 shuìjiào to go to bed / to sleep
口齒 口齿 kǒuchǐ mouth and teeth / enunciation / to articulate / diction / age (of cattle, horses etc)
揭穿 揭穿 jiēchuān expose / uncover
預告 预告 yùgào to forecast / to predict / advance notice
創造 创造 chuàngzào to create / to bring about / to produce / CL:個|个[ge4]
mài take a step
逆賊 逆贼 nìzéi renegade / traitor and bandit
奉先 奉先 fèngxiān NEED DEFINITION
霸業 霸业 bàyè the business of hegemony / toiling to become master of the universe
坐墊 坐垫 zuòdiàn cushion / CL: 塊|块[kuai4]
萬歲 万岁 wànsuì live long / wish a long life / your majesty
專政 专政 zhuānzhèng dictatorship
當權 当权 dāngquán to hold power
獨霸 独霸 dúbà lit. sole hegemony / to monopolize / domination (of the market) / personal empire
慘遭 惨遭 cǎnzāo suffer
剝削 剥削 bōxuē to exploit / exploitation
to press / to push down / to keep under (control) / pressure
起義 起义 qǐyì uprising / insurrection / revolt
震動 震动 zhèndòng to shake / to vibrate / to strongly affect / shock / vibration
造就 造就 zàojiù to bring up / to train / to contribute to / achievements (usually of young people)
即位 即位 jíwèi to succeed to the throne / accession
白熱化 白热化 báirèhuà turn white hot
先下手為強 先下手为强 xiānxiàshǒuwéiqiáng strike first and gain the upper hand (idiom, martial arts term); Making the first move is an advantage.
洛陽 洛阳 Luòyáng Luoyang prefecture level city in Henan, an old capital from pre-Han times
控製 控制 kòngzhì NEED DEFINITION
傀儡 傀儡 kuǐlěi puppet
獨斷 独断 dúduàn to decide alone without consultation / arbitrary / dictatorial
渤海 渤海 BóHǎi Bohai sea between Liaoning and Shandong / Parhae, Korean kingdom in Manchuria and Siberia 698-926
袁紹 袁绍 YuánShào Yuan Shao (153-202), general during late Han, subsequently warlord
殘暴 残暴 cánbào bloody and cruel / a brutal person / to massacre / an atrocity
擴大 扩大 kuòdà to expand / to enlarge / to broaden one's scope
關東 关东 Guāndōng Kantō, east of Japan / formerly written Kwantung, e.g. in accounts of the war
盟主 盟主 méngzhǔ NEED DEFINITION
沿途 沿途 yántú along the sides of the road / by the wayside
洗劫 洗劫 xǐjié to loot / to rob / to ransack / to pillage
兗州 兖州 Yǎnzhōu Yanzhou, Shandong
獲得 获得 huòdé to obtain / to receive / to get
紅人 红人 hóngrén the person that brings luck to someone else
軍師 军师 jūnshī NEED DEFINITION
加官晉爵 加官晋爵 jiāguānjìnjué to confer a title an official position
名不虛傳 名不虚传 míngbùxūchuán lit. name is not in vain (idiom); a fully justified reputation / enjoys a well-deserved reputation
幫助 帮助 bāngzhù assistance / aid / to help / to assist
斷然 断然 duànrán absolutely / certainly
黃毛小子 黄毛小子 Huángmáoxiǎozǐ NEED DEFINITION
滾開 滚开 gǔnkāi to boil (of liquid) / boiling hot / Get out! / Go away! / fuck off (rude)
組織 组织 zǔzhī to organize / organization / organized system / nerve / tissue / CL:個|个[ge4]
郭昂 郭昂 guōáng NEED DEFINITION
保護 保护 bǎohù to protect / to defend / to safeguard / protection / CL:種|种[zhong3]
厲害 厉害 lìhai5 difficult to deal with / difficult to endure / ferocious / radical / serious / terrible / violent / tremendous / awesome
靈通 灵通 língtōng NEED DEFINITION
膽量 胆量 dǎnliàng courage / boldness / guts
讓開 让开 ràngkāi to get out of the way / to step aside
常山劍法 常山剑法 chángshānjiànFǎ NEED DEFINITION
乘勝 乘胜 chéngshèng to follow up a victory / to pursue retreating enemy
追擊 追击 zhuījī to pursue and attack
不知好歹 不知好歹 bùzhīhǎodǎi not know what's good for one
爭光 争光 zhēngguāng to win an honor / to strive to win a prize
chí late / delayed / slow
受驚 受惊 shòujīng startled
吊喪 吊丧 diàosāng NEED DEFINITION
靈堂 灵堂 língtáng mourning hall / funeral hall
to scare / to intimidate / to threaten / (interjection showing disapproval) tut-tut / (interjection showing astonishment)
破綻 破绽 pòzhàn hole or tear in cloth / mistake or gap in a speech or theory (idiom)
五體投地 五体投地 wǔtǐtóudì to prostrate oneself in admiration (idiom); to adulate sb
yōu to worry / to concern oneself with / worried / anxiety / sorrow / a parent's funeral / inconvenienced by being orphaned
推斷 推断 tuīduàn to infer / to deduce / to predict / to extrapolate
擁護 拥护 yōnghù to endorse / to support
膽敢 胆敢 dǎngǎn to dare (negative connotation) / to have the audacity to (do sth)
懦夫 懦夫 nuòfū coward
失職 失职 shīzhí to lose one's job / unemployment / not to fulfil one's obligations / to neglect one's job / dereliction of duty
雖則 虽则 suīzé nevertheless / although
殉職 殉职 xùnzhí to die in the line of duty
衡量 衡量 héngliang5 weight / measure
趕盡殺絕 赶尽杀绝 gǎnjìnshājué NEED DEFINITION
著火 着火 zháohuǒ to ignite / to burn
甲闆 甲板 jiǎbǎn NEED DEFINITION
傻瓜 傻瓜 shǎguā idiot / fool
吹牛 吹牛 chuīniú to brag / to chat (dialect)
腔調 腔调 qiāngdiào accent
守則 守则 shǒuzé rules / regulations
送死 送死 sòngsǐ NEED DEFINITION
可惜 可惜 kěxī it is a pity / what a pity / (it's) too bad
輕易 轻易 qīngyì easily / lightly / rashly
偏偏 偏偏 piānpiān (indicates that sth turns out just the opposite of what one would expect or what would be normal) / unfortunately / against expectations
意料 意料 yìliào to anticipate / to expect / to reckon ahead
恐怕 恐怕 kǒngpà fear / to dread / I'm afraid that... / perhaps / maybe
匹敵 匹敌 pǐdí to be equal to / to be well-matched / rival
殺戮 杀戮 shālù massacre / slaughter
無視 无视 wúshì ignore / disregard
呂奉先 吕奉先 lǚfèngxiān NEED DEFINITION
抵禦 抵御 dǐyù to resist / to withstand
奠定 奠定 diàndìng to establish / to fix / to settle
威名 威名 wēimíng fame for fighting prowess / military glory
不了了之 不了了之 bùliǎoliǎozhī settle a matter by leaving it unsettled / end up with nothing definite
懷鬼胎 怀鬼胎 Huáiguǐtāi NEED DEFINITION
膠著 胶着 jiāozhāo NEED DEFINITION
狀態 状态 zhuàngtài state of affairs / state / mode / situation / CL:個|个[ge4]
毛病 毛病 máobìng fault / defect / shortcomings / CL:個|个[ge4]
太守 太守 tàishǒu governor of a province
作對 作对 zuòduì set oneself against / oppose / make a pair
下場 下场 xiàchǎng to leave (the stage, an exam room, the playing field etc) / to take part in some activity / to take an examination (in the imperial examination system)
劉玄德 刘玄德 LiúxuánDé NEED DEFINITION
徵召 征召 zhēngzhào to enlist / to draft / to conscript / to appoint to an official position
軍餉 军饷 jūnxiǎng NEED DEFINITION
劉備 刘备 LiúBèi Liu Bei (161-223), warlord at the end of the Han dynasty and founder of the Han kingdom of Shu 蜀漢|蜀汉 (c. 200-263), later the Shu Han dynasty
心腸 心肠 xīncháng heart / intention / one's inclination / state of mind / to have the heart for sth / mood
竊竊私語 窃窃私语 qièqièsīyǔ to whisper
宗親 宗亲 zōngqīn NEED DEFINITION
狐假虎威 狐假虎威 hújiǎhǔwēi lit. the fox exploits the tiger's might (idiom); fig. to use powerful connections to intimidate people
書齋 书斋 shūzhāi study (room)
賣國賊 卖国贼 màiguózéi traitor
箱子 箱子 xiāngzi5 suitcase / chest / box / case / trunk / CL:隻|只[zhi1],個|个[ge4]
薄薄 薄薄 báobáo NEED DEFINITION
crowded / to squeeze
撤退 撤退 chètuì to retreat
教訓 教训 jiàoxun5 a lesson / a moral / to chide sb / to lecture sb
叛徒 叛徒 pàntú traitor / turncoat / rebel / renegade / insurgent
雲長 云长 yúncháng NEED DEFINITION
ǎn I (northern dialects)
熱烈 热烈 rèliè warm (welcome etc)
短缺 短缺 duǎnquē shortage
大肆 大肆 dàsì wantonly / without restraint (of enemy or malefactor) / unbridled
一乾二凈 一干二凈 yīgānèrjìng NEED DEFINITION
慷慨 慷慨 kāngkǎi vehement / fervent / generous / giving / liberal
排隊 排队 páiduì to line up
恨之入骨 恨之入骨 hènzhīrùgǔ to hate somebody to the bone (idiom)
殷勤 殷勤 yīnqín politely / solicitously / eagerly attentive
禍害 祸害 huòhài disaster / harm / scourge / bad person / to damage / to harm / to wreck
感激 感激 gǎnjī to express thanks / grateful / moved to gratitude
魅力 魅力 mèilì charm / fascination / glamor / charisma
貧苦 贫苦 pínkǔ poverty-stricken / poor
高官厚祿 高官厚禄 gāoguānhòulù high post and generous salary (idiom); promotion to a high official position
非議 非议 fēiyì criticize
徐州 徐州 Xúzhōu Xuzhou prefecture level city in Jiangsu
荊州 荆州 Jīngzhōu Jingzhou prefecture level city on Changjiang in Hubei
根據地 根据地 gēnjùdì base of operations
怨言 怨言 yuànyán complaint
公論 公论 gōnglùn public opinion
職位 职位 zhíwèi post / office / position
燎原火 燎原火 liáoyuánhuǒ NEED DEFINITION
乖乖 乖乖 guāiguāi NEED DEFINITION
水洩不通 水泄不通 shuǐxièbùtōng lit. not one drop can trickle through (idiom); fig. impenetrable (crowd, traffic)
漸漸 渐渐 jiànjiàn gradually
混亂 混乱 hùnluàn confusion / chaos / disorder
司馬朗 司马朗 Sīmǎlǎng NEED DEFINITION
叮囑 叮嘱 dīngzhǔ to warn repeatedly / to urge / to exhort again and again
照顧 照顾 zhàogu5 to take care of / to show consideration / to attend to / to look after
讀書 读书 dúshū to read a book / to study / to attend school
建築 建筑 jiànzhù to construct / building / CL:個|个[ge4]
材料 材料 cáiliào material / data / makings / stuff / CL:個|个[ge4],種|种[zhong3]
布條 布条 bùtiáo NEED DEFINITION
高薪 高薪 gāoxīn high salary
聘請 聘请 pìnqǐng to engage / to hire (a lawyer etc)
一旦 一旦 yīdàn in case (sth happens) / if / once (sth happens, then...) / when / in a short time / in one day
持續 持续 chíxù to continue / to persist / sustainable / preservation
補給綫 补给綫 bǔgěixiàn NEED DEFINITION
無疑 无疑 wúyí no doubt / undoubtedly
落空 落空 làokōng to fail to achieve something / to be fruitless
如意算盤 如意算盘 rúyìsuànpán counting one's chickens before they are hatched
士氣 士气 shìqì morale
實力 实力 shílì strength
摧毀 摧毁 cuīhuǐ destroy / wreck
抬高 抬高 táigāo to raise (price etc)
價格 价格 jiàgé price / CL:個|个[ge4]
寶貝 宝贝 bǎobèi treasured object / treasure / darling / baby / cowry / good-for-nothing or queer character
賺錢 赚钱 zhuànqián to earn money / money making
隨時 随时 suíshí at any time
prisoner of war / to capture / to take prisoner
問題 问题 wèntí question / problem / issue / topic / CL:個|个[ge4]
探子 探子 tànzi5 intelligence gatherer / spy / detective / scout / sound (medical instrument) / long and narrow probing and sampling utensil
包括 包括 bāokuò to comprise / to include / to involve / to incorporate / to consist of
親屬 亲属 qīnshǔ kin / kindred / relatives
人質 人质 rénzhì hostage
計畫 计画 jìhuà plan
幫會 帮会 bānghuì secret society / underworld gang
聽候 听候 tīnghòu top await judgment / to wait and listen
指揮 指挥 zhǐhuī to conduct / to command / to direct / conductor (of an orchestra) / CL:個|个[ge4]
戶籍 户籍 hùjí census register / household register
審查 审查 shěnchá to examine / to investigate / to censor out / censorship
嚴密 严密 yánmì strict / tight (organization, surveillance etc)
偽造 伪造 wěizào to forge / to fake / to counterfeit
資料 资料 zīliào material / resources / data / information / profile (Internet) / CL:份[fen4],個|个[ge4]
司徒 司徒 Sītú minister of education (history) / two-character surname Situ
王允 王允 wángyǔn NEED DEFINITION
協助 协助 xiézhù provide assistance / aid
後勤 后勤 hòuqín logistics
任務 任务 rènwu5 mission / assignment / task / duty / role / CL:項|项[xiang4],個|个[ge4]
裏應外合 里应外合 lǐyīngwàigě NEED DEFINITION
貂嬋 貂婵 diāochán NEED DEFINITION


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