人物 (Town of Evening Calm)Edit

平野, 皆實 Minami Hirano main character 平野 皆実(ひらの みなみ)
Fujimi Hirano Minami's mother 平野 フジミ(ひらの フジミ)
阿旭 Asahi Ishikawa (nee Hirano) Minami's brother 石川(旧姓:平野) 旭(いしかわ〈ひらの〉 あさひ)
古田 Minami's (female) co-worker 古田 幸子(ふるた さちこ)
打越 Yutaka Uchikoshi Minami's co-worker
伯母石川 Aunt Ishikawa Aunt who is taking care of Asahi

人物 (Country of Cherry Blossoms)Edit

Nanami Ishikawa main character (and Asahi 's daughter)
Nagio Ishikawa Nanami's brother
Toko Tone friend of Nanami's

Town of Evening Calm (Traditional)Edit

昭和 昭和 Zhāohé Showa, reign name of Emperor Hirohito of Japan 1925-1989 0
廣島 广岛 Guǎngdǎo Hiroshima, Japan 0
舞臺 舞台 wǔtái stage / arena / fig. in the limelight 0
筆錢 笔钱 bǐqián fund / sum of money 6
多虧 多亏 duōkuī thanks to / luckily 6
規矩 规矩 guīju lit. compass and set square / fig. established standard / rule / customs / practices / fig. upright and honest / well-behaved 10
伯母 伯母 bómǔ wife of father's elder brother / aunt / (polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother) / CL:個|个[ge4] 11
老毛病 老毛病 lǎomáobìng 12
鼻涕蟲 鼻涕虫 bítìchóng 13
足跡 足迹 zújì footprint / track / spoor 13
磨損 磨损 mósǔn wear and tear / abrasion 13
水戶 水户 Shuǐhù Mito City, capital of Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan 14
罕見 罕见 hǎnjiàn rare / rarely seen 14
無可厚非 无可厚非 wúkěhòufēi see 未可厚非[wei4 ke3 hou4 fei1] 16
未可厚非 未可厚非 wèikěhòufēi not to be censured too strictly (idiom) / not altogether inexcusable / understandable 16
弄髒 弄脏 nòngzāng to make dirty / to defile / to smear 20
救護 救护 jiùhù rescue / administer first-aid 23
腫脹 肿胀 zhǒngzhàng swelling / oedema / internal bruising 23
彈跳 弹跳 tántiào to bounce / to jump / to leap 24
nián sticky / glutinous / to adhere / to stick 24
瓦礫 瓦砾 wǎlì rubble / debris 24
跌跤 跌跤 diējiāo to fall down / to take a fall 25
炸燬 炸毁 zhàhuǐ to blow up / to destroy with explosives 26
轟炸 轰炸 hōngzhà to bomb / to bombard / CL:陣|阵[zhen4] 26
避難 避难 bìnàn refuge / to take refuge / to seek asylum (political etc) 26
虛脫 虚脱 xūtuō to collapse (from dehydration or loss of blood) / heat exhaustion 29
稀飯 稀饭 xīfàn porridge / gruel 31
禿頭 秃头 tūtóu baldness 31
制服 制服 zhìfú to subdue / to check / to bring under control / (in former times) what one is allowed to wear depending on social status / uniform (army, party, school etc) / livery (for company employees) / CL:套[tao4] 42

Country of Cherry Blossoms (Simplified)Edit

挨罵 挨骂 áimà to receive a scolding 51
對勁 对劲 duìjìn suitable / to one's liking / to get along together 51
責怪 责怪 zéguài to blame / to rebuke 51
嫻靜 娴静 xiánjìng gentle and refined 52
跑壘 跑垒 pǎolěi running between bases (in baseball) 54
多虧 多亏 duōkuī thanks to / luckily 69
珍惜 珍惜 zhēnxī to treasure / to value / to cherish 69
背叛 背叛 bèipàn to betray 69
哮喘病 哮喘病 xiàochuǎnbìng asthma 69
保重 保重 bǎozhòng to take care of oneself 69
倔強 倔强 juéjiàng stubborn / obstinate / unbending 69
féng to sew / to stitch 74
夠格 够格 gòugé able to pass muster / qualified / apt / presentable 81
註定 注定 zhùdìng to be doomed / be destined (to failure etc) 86
to hand over / to pass on sth / to gradually increase or decrease / progressively 89
refined language / wording / poetic genre (so far, interchangeable with 詞|词) / to take leave / to resign / to dismiss / to decline 89
chéng to assume (a form) / to submit / to petition / to show / to present / to offer 89
拜訪 拜访 bàifǎng to pay a visit / to call on 98
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